THE UPTAIN GROUP provides a full complement of menu-driven financial services and is continually focused on enhancing and implementing the most up-to-date technology solutions to increase productivity and collections for our clients. Utilizing our advanced technology, we collaborate and tailor the processing interface with the hospital’s physician groups system, which provides shared direct access to patient account information.

Our client integration process is streamlined and efficient.

Once the test data is generated and received, our System Integration staff immediately initiate programming efforts to organize and prepare the data for testing in our billing and collection systems. Simultaneously, our Operations staff design healthcare-organization-specific processes, training staff as necessary, and designing campaign strategies and letter protocols.

THE UPTAIN GROUP’s integration interface meets the highest security and privacy requirements as mandated by HIPAA, and fosters a seamless integration with the healthcare organizations system and business processes.

THE UPTAIN GROUP’s client partners enjoy full access via our web portal to review their portfolio from a multitude of reports or drill down options to an individual account.